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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 20, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> bret: it is quite something every year in the rose garden. that's it for this edition of "special report," fair, balanced, unafraid. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: always an interesting moment at the white house, and tonight the president pardons the turkey but says they may not be so lucky in the future. >> president trump: even though peas and carrots have received a presidential pardon, i have warned them that house democrats are likely to issue them both subpoenas. >> president trump: they are buying hundreds of billions of dollars worth of things from this country. i'm not going to destroy the world economy and i'm not going to destroy the economy for our
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country by being foolish with saudi arabia. >> president trump: i think we are doing great come as a country we are doing great. [reporter questioning] >> president trump: you go to the ninth circuit and it's a disgrace. people should not be allowed to immediately run to this very friendly surrogate and file their case. it's a disgrace what happens in the ninth circuit. we will win that case in the supreme court. [reporter questioning] >> president trump: don't worry about thanksgiving, these are tough people, they know what they're doing and they are grea great. you're worried about the thanksgiving holiday for them, they are so proud to be representing our country. the written answers to the witch hunt that's been going on forever, no collusion, no nothing, they've been finished. finish them yesterday. the lawyers have them, i assume they'll turn them into day. ivanka can handle herself, these are all on the historical
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record, there is no deleting whatsoever unlike hillary clinton who deleted 33,000 emails. unlike hillary clinton who had a server in her basement. [reporter questioning] >> president trump: i can't imagine anybody else other than trump. can you imagine anybody other than trump? have a good time, everybody. >> martha: can you imagine? and tonight the best of "the wall street journal" editorial board weighs in, great to have all of you with us. there's a lot there that the president put out on the plate, let me start with you with regard to khashoggi. the president said we cannot change this relationship based on this horrific act and the cia saying they do believe the prince knew about this. >> how important that these focusing on the sale of weapons as if the economics is the
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primary importance. really what matters is the relationship we have with saudi arabia is very important. they are a counterbalance in the middle east to some of our biggest enemies and we need to maintain that relationship. the importance of maintaining the relationship is not the money we are making off of selling arms. i think if he had expressed that differently, people would understand. >> martha: it seems that relationships with middle eastern countries is often the least worst option of the people that you can align yourself with. >> that's true. i think all presidents have to acknowledge that america has a unique role in the world and represents certain values and norms. one thing, ronald reagan's policy towards the soviet union, an utterly hard-nosed policy but it was pardoned partnered withf american idealism. president trump runs the risk of
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isolating himself trying to pursue a difficult foreign policy agenda. very few members of congress are going to be able to ally themselves with a kind of statement he issued on saudi arabia. >> martha: let's take a look at that mommy's mitt romney's . >> i wouldn't have worded it the way he said based on our economic interest. it is an interest, we have more interest in the middle east against iran and the man was brutally murdered, it's unforgivable. probably some knowledge of the top whether it's a crown prince or not and it's going to be a long road back for them. we do need them in the region and i think we should point out that some of the people that are pushing on the other side -- iran got rid of an fbi agent.
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they murdered an fbi agent. they have put ieds out there that bald american serviceman. there are a lot of bad people out there. i think what we need is a nixon moment which we had after tiananmen square which is where president nixon went over to china and said you guys screwed up badly. there's got to be a former ambassador or national security advisor that they trust who tells them you can't keep coming up with these excuses. >> martha: with regard to some of these other stories that he brushed across there, ivanka's emails give us an indication of the many different places democrats are likely to go as they start to plumb through these investigations, your reaction to that. >> it's a nonevent, it's a good talking point, she's a good target for president trump's adversaries. she turned over the emails and
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he sort of invited trouble by putting her in a position in the white house. i don't think it's that big a deal. i really think that one is going to go by. >> martha: what about the asylum situation and what he said about the ninth circuit court? >> i think the president has a point that the people do run the ninth circuit, they are talking about the court overturning the asylum bam. it wasn't really a band, what he was saying was they have to come in through the ports of entry into the united states rather than simply coming across the border illegally. you've got the democrats, the aclu running to the courts when they have no alternative or no plan b with what they're supposed to do. it falls to the president to have to deal with this. now we are going to litigate it. i think the president is on good ground here. >> martha: with regard to another story, marcia fudge who was really the only specific person who put her name out
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there and said i'm going to think about it over thanksgiving -- i don't know what happened behind closed doors but now she has decided she's not going to challenge nancy pelosi. do you think they made some kind of deal? >> i always thought nancy pelosi was going to win this. she didn't get to the top by being weak. the problem they had as they never had someone in the first place. what the democrats want to do was have her step down and then they go in. it tells us that they are afraid of her. what she's going to do is look at how many votes she needed and make whatever deal she needed to make. what's interesting about the latest objection, most of the people in the beginning that said "i'm not good supporter for speaker" are people like connor lam from pennsylvania campaigning as a moderate. some of the complaints are now coming from the democratic left red it will be interesting. if i had to bet my house, i would bet on misses pelosi. >> martha: another story that broke late in the day,
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suggesting that the president had floated the idea with don mcgann that he had wanted to prosecute hillary clinton and james comey, what do you think about that? >> i don't think we really know what's gone on there but i think it would be red meat for's adversaries if he tries to do that. again, what's happening is both sides are staking out their territory and there's a question about whether they are going to be able to work together. i think if the democrats decide that this is going to be all-out war, we are not going to let him achieve anything, i think that is going to be a tactical and strategic error on their part because people elected them, they don't like donald trump but they really want some answers on things like health care and the stagnation of wages which are caused by the high cost of health care and i think also immigration. >> martha: quick thought on the handwritten questions. it was easy for me, i had no
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problem answering those questions, there is no pollutio pollution. >> i think that's probably right but recall that last week the president in a tweed storm billy assaulted robert mueller and his investigation. i think it puts pressure on mueller to come up with some thing other than withdrawing from this as many people think they should come out wind it down. the president is now talking about a prosecuting james comey or prosecuting hillary clinton. i think if the country has prosecution fatigue at this point, it would be just as well if the president would step back, let mueller produce his report. if there is nothing there the public will see that and let's move on. >> martha: happy thanks giving to all of you. next, the debate over where the economy will go from here with the dow erasing all of its gains for 2018 but the president stucp
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>> keep the faith. it's a very strong economy. the basic economy has reawakened and it's going to stay there. i'm reading some of the weirdest stuff about how recession is around the corner, nonsense. my personal view, our administration's view, recession is so far in the distance, i can't see it. >> martha: that was white house chief economic advisor larry kudlow trying to calm jitters as the dow plunged more than 550 points and with that, went all of the gains for 2018 just like the s&p 500. stocks are still up remarkably since president trump was first elected to but no real concerns mount over the trump economy and the possibility of a trade war with china. also an economic advisor to the trump campaign and author of "
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"trumponomics" ." the dow is up more than 600 points, the gdp is strong at 3.5% and 4.2% in the last quarters and yet let me start with you, you see this weakness in the market. largely led by tech stocks which a lot of people think were quite overvalued. >> wait a minute. there may be overvalued when the stock market but the main thing driving the market into the ground is fear that donald trump is starting a trade war between the two biggest economies of the world. art and i are old friends and while we disagree on many things, we are going to 100% agree that a trade war and tariffs are not a good idea. >> he's completely correct.
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old friends? i'm old, he is young. university of chicago, both el, we share a lot of background. i agree with him, a trade war is not good for the economy, in fact it's really horrible. i do think the other policies in this administration are great and i think trade will turn out to be good. the tax cuts are the best i've seen in the first term of any president, that the regulation is phenomenal, i think the fed is doing a great job. >> martha: some people think he is raised interest rates too much and that's one of the problem you're seeing, you're seeing a flight into the fixed income market and out of stocks because people think it's a better investment. >> you've got to have the market rate set by the market, not by some fed chairman. at 20% interest rates which we had, that's way too high, it killed the housing market. when the rates are too low, it kills the fun going into the housing market. we had eight worst years in new housing starts for 10,000 population in the last eight years, it was terrible.
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we need to have market rates set by the market, not by the fed. i think that's a great move moving back up to normal, seriously, there's nothing out there that i see that would cause this economy to move into a recession or a depression or anything else. i think larry kudlow is exactly correct on this and i hope the trade stuff moves faster and we get a free trade deal right away. the president has told me personally he doesn't want to use tariffs, that's the only leverage he has to get them to negotiate and cut tariffs and cut barriers. austin is completely correct, a trade war would be catastrophic. >> martha: if there is a solution that relieves the trade war concern, do the fundamentals still look good to you here? >> i hope the market would return but i don't know. this is the caution, it was on this program and i told you when
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donald trump earlier in the year got up to brag about how much the stock market was up, i said that is a risky thing to do because if you accept the judgment of the stock market, then you have to accept the judgment in the negative. the tax cut has been in place starting january 1st 2018. the stock market is down since the tax cut came into effect. i think they better pay attention and stop bragging about that. >> martha: an enormous consumer confidence numbers become a more people entering the workforce. it's really positive overall environmental economic figures, i'm going to give you the last word. >> the last word is the market has been flat. this is what happened to the reagan situation, the market trough just before the boom of 1983, i expect that's what will happen here in 2019 when all of this starts steeping and coming to fruition, i think you're going to see a very good economy
4:19 pm
for a long period of time in ad i'm excited for the numbers showing now. >> martha: it is an all-too-familiar story of he said, she said, and there are rarely any winner is. now education secretary betsy devos is trying to restore due process to american campuses. up next, a parent whose son was accused of rape and kicked out of his school only to have that decision overturned. whether or not these new rules will prevent that from happening again.
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in theatres november 21st. >> former democratic operative and you're talking about deposing the president, that sounds political. >> it sounds righteous. >> how so? >> because my client is credible, she's telling the truth. >> my understanding that dr. ford has already passed a lie detector test. if there is no need to go forward with this nomination at this stage. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with calling out people that look like me for not doing enough to defend women and minorities and people of color and i'm going to continue to do that. >> martha: now that michael avenatti has been accused himself of domestic violence, he is a big fan of due process for
4:24 pm
both sides. women including his ex-wife had come to his defense. in this case, do not #believesurvivors . each circumstance is unique and each needs to be treated as such. each accuser and accused. that is how our system of justice works in this country. now education second betsy devos is demanding after a year of studying how these cases are handled on college campuses across this country, under strict rules that were imposed on them by the obama administration that there was a lack of justice in the way they were carried out. in many cases, young men were rightfully punished and kicked out of school and the women who accuse them were vindicated. in others, young men were kicked out after a sham a hearing in which they were not even allowed
4:25 pm
to see the evidence against them, in some cases they were not permitted to have a lawyer present with them during the proceedings. while they were interrogated by a panel of three professors who were chosen by a school. he knows that situation all too well because it happened to his son. >> glad to be back with you again. >> martha: this is a story that i know left a deep mark on your life, your son was accused of rape and he was exonerated by his school. then they said we think this did actually happen, it was a torturous process that he was eventually found to be dashed free of and he was not found guilty of. the woman who accused him still stands by her accusation. what was wrong with the process that you saw? >> we actually had a much better
4:26 pm
situation than a lot of these families today. we actually were afforded some due process at my son's school. the problem was the push from the obama administration pushing the schools to find these young men guilty or responsible and get them off campus. they weaponize the schools to do this by threatening to take away their federal funding if they didn't. that was the big problem in our case and remains a problem toda today. what we are hoping with these new rules and we are cautiously optimistic as the days of the kangaroo courts and colleges is gone. these colleges will stop railroading young men and not affording them any due process whatsoever and calling them guilty upon accusation. >> martha: there was a push as
4:27 pm
we say under these new rules that went into it a fact, there was all this discussion of rape culture and how there was a rape culture across the country and how it was almost epidemic. and the only way to stop it was to make sure that if someone was a key was that they were basically in many cases almost immediately removed from campus. that's how the schools showed they were taking it genuinely seriously. >> that's correct. it amazes me, though statistics are still being used today by people who want to perpetuate this for reasons that it amazes me -- i just don't understand it at all. that's pretty much been the cas case. there was a problem in the problem was situations in instances where young women were getting sexually assaulted and maybe it was a high-profile athlete or someone like that on a college campus and it got pushed under the rug and certainly that has happened.
4:28 pm
the response was to create an imaginary epidemic on imaginary crisis that existed with statistics of one in five women in college are being sexually insulted which is lunacy. and yet the obama administration for some reason latched onto this and that was the point of them perpetuating this farce and creating these rules. >> martha: the tragedy and this is the cases that are genuine needs to be resolved, there is not a good enough process where both sides feel that they are heard and the truth can rule out in the end. thank you. >> just to say that there are
4:29 pm
women that men rape women and women lie about men and we have to make sure we have a good rule of law in our process to ensure that people who are innocent are not deemed to be guilty. >> martha: thank you very much, good to talk to you. coming up next, the real-life tragedy playing out in california tonight as the wildfire continues to burn out of control. the story of one high school football team where nearly every player, 105 players lost their family home. the coach and some of the players joining me next. of that sexy italian boot! so this holiday season it's ancestrydna per tutti! order your kit now at
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4:34 pm
13,000 homes are destroyed. 79 people are dead. thousands of families are homeless. take a look at the before on the left of paradise and on the right, the after. now take a look at the neighborhoods on the ground. more than 100 members of the football team lost their homes. only three of these young men did not. joining me now, paradise high school football coach and some of his players, welcome to all of you. i'm sorry for what you are all going through at this time. let me start with you. that morning, you thought it was going to be a normal day, what happened? >> went to school, it had my normal routine, i went and got coffee with the guy i work with,
4:35 pm
look up and saw this huge amount of smoke in the air. we are used to fire so we didn't think anything of it, we thought it was a fire in the canyon and we went back in and in 15 minutes they canceled school so i hung around school helping out so the fire is on the east side of town, i didn't think there would be any rush for me to get out. after about 45 minutes, i was standing outside and a propane tanks started blowing up and cars were blowing up and big embers of smoke were falling onto the campus. i thought i better get out of here, i have my grandson at home. he is newborn with my son and his girlfriend and i wanted to get them out. i left school and i saw what was going on, i just screamed home, got them out and was so relieved that i sat on the couch and relaxed but then i jumped in my
4:36 pm
old truck and ran out. i didn't have any information, i had no idea what was going on until i saw the flames that we were driving through. you probably have video of that, it was incredible. i've never seen anything like it and how fast the fire moved, it's hard to describe. >> martha: what's it like for you and all the players, so many of you, almost all of you lost your homes in this fire. >> it's hard, it happened so fast. one day we were practicing to go to the playoff game, we are expecting a section title and the next thing you know, our season is over, like that. you can't take anything for granted. >> martha: caleb, what are your thoughts on that day and
4:37 pm
tell me how the team is pulling together. i'm sure you guys are very close and your practice together every day and now the devastation is just unbelievable. >> yeah, the devastation is pretty hard. it's been hard for most of us. most of us are keeping our heads up, we haven't gotten to see our teammates too often but when we do it's like nothing ever happened. we are sitting there having fun, sitting by the sidelines is what it feels like. it's never going to be the same again. i think we need a little more time, everything is over, everything we tried everything we worked so hard for is over. >> martha: i understand the 49ers took you guys to a game and at least at that point you had a minute to forget about everything. at least for a little while.
4:38 pm
>> it was so amazing, they were so generous and so kind. every one of the players, they were also kind and they all love to see us. if they were happy to make it out alive, me and my buddy got to stand next to joe staley and he was a mountain of a man. he was so kind and the people in the 49ers were so kind too. this lady bought us two jackets for 3, it was incredible. i've never been so blessed from a tragedy in my entire life, it's amazing it's amazing. >> martha: we are thinking about all of you this thanksgiving and how lucky we are and how lucky you are, i know it's a tough time you're going through. you should know the nation's thinking about you, we're going to put up some information.
4:39 pm
thank you all for being with us tonight and telling us your story, we really appreciate it. happy thanks giving to all of you. we're going to put up on the screen how you can give to the people who lost so much, it will also be on twitter and the website. coming up next, the scandal that forever changed american politics. 31 years after the affair that ended one of the most promising presidential campaigns of the time, she has done a lot since then. she comes forward to talk about all of it next savin' on this! savin' in here. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com. back pain can't win. now introducing aleve back and muscle pain. only aleve targets tough pain
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>> this campaign is about the future, not rumors. if i character about the sanctity of this process whether you do or do not. ♪ >> go on, gary. >> there's going to be a story tomorrow about me. >> martha: ouch. it was a scandal that forever changed american politics in the year was 1987.
4:44 pm
gary hart was running for president, he locked on the democratic nomination to take on george h.w. bush in a general election but his presidential dreams and political career came crashing down over allegations of an extramarital affair. his downfall the first of many we have seen since then. my next guest was the woman at the center of that story and she has decided to step back into the spotlight tonight. here first is jonathan hunt our correspondent with the story from los angeles. >> it certainly could be argued that you could draw a direct line from gary hart's alleged affair through bill clinton's two donald trump's denial of an affair with stormy daniels and his boast about grabbing women. if there was ever a bar for the personal behavior of presidential hopefuls, it perhaps began to be lowered when gary hart to the democratic front runner in 1987 was photographed late in the evening
4:45 pm
at his d.c. townhouse with a woman who was not his wife. that woman, donna rice a then 29-year-old model had apparently met him on a yacht named "monkey business." photographs of the two together were published in the "miami herald," he was asked whether he had ever committed adultery. his reply, i don't have to answer that. days later, he suspended his campaign saying he "made some mistakes" and while not admitting to an affair in the immediate aftermath, the discussion was all about hart's behavior as "time" magazine memorably put it -- "he denied there was anything improper about his friendship with donna rice even though it is far from customary for 50-year-old men than to spend weekends away from their wives hanging out with comely actresses who have appeared on "miami vice"."
4:46 pm
since then, the actions of the "miami herald" have been questioned while the media coverage of the wives of politicians has become ever more intense. [reporter questioning] >> get your arms off her. >> a decade after donna rice found herself the center of the media maelstrom, that was monica lewinsky going through much the same experience. magnified further by the existence of multiple 24-hour news channels. it does seem fair to ask without gary hart, without donna rice, without the media beginning to make public the private peccadilloes of politicians, without those indiscretions, affairs, abuses becoming part of our daily conversation without the public lowering of the moral bar, could there even have been a president clinton, would there be a president trump?
4:47 pm
>> martha: here with me now, donna rice hughes who has spent many years out of the spotlight following that scandal and rebuilding and channeling her focus to advocating for internet safety at her nonprofit organization, she has spoken with us here in the past about that. then this movie comes out, thank you very much for being here. suddenly you're back in the spotlight and you say you are ready to talk more about it then you did in the past, what is it you want people to understand? >> i've been out a lot over the past 25 years fighting to protect kids on the internet. it's interesting, after seven years underground after the scandal happened, after i was front and center for 15 months when my name is released to the media by the hart campaign. back on the horse that threw me in 1994 to help launch the internet safety movement.
4:48 pm
i'm very grateful that the director of this film actually got in touch with me as they were filming the front runner and he did assure me that the character, my character -- it's so strange to say that would be treated with sympathy and compassion and i think think ya good job. >> martha: it was sort of like a bimbo story -- you graduated magna cum laude, you are a pharmaceutical sales rep, it was modeling and bikinis right from the beginning. how did it feel? before that, nobody touched these things. jfk was never in the mainstream media but suddenly with the story it all changed. >> it was devastating for me and my family. i felt like i didn't have any rights. i all of a sudden became a public figure and the trauma for me really was just beginning as
4:49 pm
this film ends, like i said my name was released to the media and i was pushed out there this first time feeding frenzy and there was blood in the water. it was mine and it lasted for about 15 months. by the grace of god i returned back to my christian faith and decided to take the high road. i went underground almost seven years and little did i know i would be using the pain of a date rape when i was 22 years old and be fighting to protect the dignity and safety of children and young women now in the digital world. even putin on campus is at an all-time high two your cigarette before the election, we issued the first ever children's internet safety presidential pledge and we went to
4:50 pm
hillary clinton and donald trump and we ask them to sign it. trump assigned it and hillary clinton sent a letter of support to make sure to defend and protect children from exploitation in the digital world by enforcing the existing federal laws. now we have a first-time president for the first time in history that has agreed to do that and we are looking at our new appointment and we have got to get to the obscenity laws enforced. they have not been enforced. >> martha: you made some very interesting choices with how to use the notoriety that you had and try to turn it into something good, it's a fascinating story. you took the high road and stayed quiet for so many years. it's good to see you tonight. good to have you back. coming up next, a troubled veteran sends a tweet saying that he is on the verge of ending his life. that was when actor james woods
4:51 pm
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♪ >> martha: a troubled veterans lee for help on twitter was answered last night by a hollywood icon who may have saved his life. that veteran wrote, i am on twitter every day. i am a veteran, i love america, i am going to kill myself tonight. i have lost everything, nobody cares. i'm in a parking lot with my dog and everything i own." his tweet was answered almost immediately by actor, james woods, who said, "tell me where you are. think about this. a lot of vets have come where you are tonight and if you can just push this decision off maybe you can inspire another vet to help.
4:56 pm
you can save another man by waiting to do this." they got in touch with the local police who eventually found him, he is now safe and unharmed, and does not wish to be contacted. he is safe, as we know, tonight. this story strikes in her with a lot of people including our friend karl rove, who has been in a similar situation with his family appeared he recently wrote an op-ed called "my mom's suicide was preventable." you wrote that piece which was so well done after kate spade and anthony bourdain look at their own lives. what do you think about that exchange with james woods? >> first of all, thank god the veteran had the courage inside himself to say i am contemplating this act. and bless james woods for immediately jumping to -- he was a total stranger. the people who find themselves on the edge of taking their lives need to know that somebody cares, and that was a powerful message. thanksgiving for both of them, i
4:57 pm
hope they both realize what a great thing has happened. the greatest gift we have is life, and to contemplate ending a life and have someone help you realize what that would mean to so many people, really a great moment. god bless james woods. >> martha: we talk about suicide, he almost took his life at one point and set up all the people who he spoke to who almost did what he had done, most of them said that they were so glad that they didn't succeed. >> right. >> martha: tell us about your mom. >> my mother committed suicide. she had gone through a second marriage that was not good, and she had lost everything in life. she lost her home, what little money she had. she came to a rough time in her life and, my little sister, who was very close to her, they had a meal and friends had rallied, and somebody said here is a place where you can live, and
4:58 pm
somebody said, i've got a used car you are welcome to have. there is a feeling of optimism about being able to come out of this, and the next day, she committed suicide. it's a reminder that, if you talk about it, and if people are going through a rough patch like that or if they are abusing alcohol and drugs and intense, abrupt relationships where they are erratic and particularly aggressive, there are lots of signs of people who are contemplating this, and talking about this. a lot of people talk about it and nobody asked. but the most important thing we need to do is remove the stigma of saying i am in a very dark place and i need help. my mother was not able to ask for help or seek help, but that was a different time here today, perhaps she would not have died because somebody might have identified it. a lot of people can be help with their depression, their bipolar condition with drugs.
4:59 pm
but it's something that touches far more people than most americans imagine. after i wrote that piece in june, i cannot tell you over the next five or six weeks i would be traveling through an airport and somebody would come up to me and say, thanks for writing about it. i had a suicide in my family. my brother committed suicide, my mother, my father. we, as a society, really need to focus on those. every life is precious. the loss of life that we see in suicides, like veterans. veterans commit suicide at a rate half as large as the rest of america. people want to do something about it, the american foundation for suicide prevention has an excellent website. there is also great information on the website of the national suicide lifeline. god bless james woods. happy thanksgiving to him. >> martha: thank you for sharing that story with those tonight. good advice in good ways to get help. that is our story tonight. have a good thanksgiving,
5:00 pm
everyone. tucker is up next. ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i am mark steyn in fourth tucker this evening but he will be here for a special appearance later in the show. first, a continuing crisis in america's southern border and a new legal ruling that could have quite an impact. jonathan has more. >> good evening, mark. thousands of central american migrants are at the u.s.-mexico border awaiting their chance to apply for asylum. some are trying to circumvent what can be a lengthy process by crossing the border illegally, where there isn't a checkpoint,


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